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For children and adolescents

Completely Artists

Christmas Workshops

26 - 29 Dec. 2017

For this year’s Christmas holidays, Museo Picasso Málaga proposes that children and adolescents explore painting, sculpture and photography, using the exhibition We are Completely Free. Women Artists and Surrealism as a starting point. 

The young participants will view the work of eighteen women artists from the Surrealist background, in the halls of the Museum, and then in the workshops area, they will put into practice what they have learned. Investigate self-portraits and their own identity through masks and snapshots and exploring the world of dreams, through landscapes and the representation of what surrounds us. 

The Completely Artists' workshops lasts a total of four days, from Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 December from 10am to 2pm, although registering for single days is also possible. The workshop is aimed at children and adolescents between 4 and 15 years old, sign-up and payment can be done on this web from November 30. 

The price of the full workshop is 50 euros per child, or 15 euros single days.

Signing-up 2 or more siblings has an additional discount.

Registrations closed.

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