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Seminars at MPM

From Orientalism to Tourism

22 and 23 Nov. 2017
MPM Auditorium

The journey the European bourgeoisie made around various Mediterranean countries as from the 17th century, and known as the Grand Tour, belatedly included Andalusia, which was to become one of its most popular destinations. Literature, painting and music, were soon influenced by a stereotyped view of Southern Europe and North Africa.

This idealized and, at times, somewhat forced interpretation became known as Orientalism. By the 19th century, this nascent version of elite tourism led to the typification of such figures as the bandolero, or Spanish bandit, and the bullfighter. In the 1960s, with the rise of mass-tourism, this picturesque image of Spain helped what was known as “the peaceful invasion”, to prosper. 


Wednesday 22 Nov. 2017. 'Orientalism: discovery in the 19th century'

4.30 pm. Official course opening.

5.00 pm. Orientalism and art in the 19th century: Andalusia and North Africa.
Christine Peltre. Professor of art history, Strasbourg University. *

5.30 pm. The Architectural dialogues of Orientalism: from the Kingdom of Granada to the Republic of Venice.
Juan Calatrava. Professor of architectural composition, Universidad de Granada.

6.00 pm. Break.

6.30 pm. Mediterranean identity and anti-orientalism. From Picasso to Goytisolo.
José Antonio González Alcantud. Professor of anthropology, Universidad de Granada.

7.00 pm. Case study: Marseilles as a museum.
Jean-François Chougnet. President, Musée des Civilisations et de la Méditerranée (MuCEM)*

Thursday 23 Nov. 2017. 'Tourism: discovery in the 21st century'

5.00 pm. The Andalusian and the Culture: Cultural modernisation in Andalusia
Manuel Pérez Yruela. Professor of sociology, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. 

5.30 pm. From the picturesque to the ecological, through the beautiful. Wrong history of the Andalusian tourist landscape
Ricard Pie i Ninot. Director, Instituto Interuniversitario Hábitat-Turismo-Territorio. UPB/UMA.

6.00 pm. Discussion: questions and debate.

6.30 pm. Break.

7.00 pm. Case study: Málaga as a museum: urban sustainability, symbology and simulation.
Pedro Marín Cots. Director, Observatorio del Medio Ambiente Urbano. (OMAU) Málaga City Council.

* Talk given in French
**  Simultaneous translation provided 

This course is aimed at students of the humanities, communication sciences, fine arts, education, tourism and art schools, and members of the public interested in finding out more about these creative spaces.

Registrations here.

MPM Auditorium. 172 seats. The entrance to the presentations was free until completing capacity with preference for the enrolled students.

The MPM Auditorium is located in the Plaza de la Higuera, which is accessed by Calle Alcazabilla. See map

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