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Seminars at MPM

The artist's studio.
Laboratories of the 20th century

27 and 28 Sept. 2017

This seminar has been organized by Museo Picasso Málaga in collaboration with the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA). The aim is to explore the genesis and development of the artist’s studio as a space for individual creativity.

Traditionally, the atelier has been regarded in such a way that, by reducing it to a more or less picturesque anecdote, it has failed to examine the complex nature of these spaces where art is created. The seminar will provide an overview of the history of the modern atelier, from its origins at the start of the 19th century and the decline of academic precepts, to the mid-20th century. Over time, the artist’s studio has undergone major changes, artists have become defined in subjective terms and art itself  has earned practically endless possibilities for experimentation. From the mid-20th century onwards, it seemed that trends such as action art, the demand for viewers’ involvement in the creation of the artwork, or the digitalization of supports required critics to question the current relevance of the studio.

To look at these issues in depth, the guest speakers will include prominent experts and historians, as well as talks about their own studios from artists Antonio López, Guillermo Pérez-Villalta and Juan Uslé, who will provide first-hand accounts of the importance of these spaces in the creation of their own artworks.

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